I have had two major obsessions in my life outside of my family, one being colour in interiors and the other being the absence of colour in fashion.  I can’t tell you why the two are so diametrically opposed – other than to say that I prefer my colour around me rather than on me. This is the way it always was for me – until COVID hit. In the turmoil that was lockdowns and keeping safe, something shifted for me. The thought of only wearing black for the rest of my life became a tiring one. And so I quietly broke the habit of many years and started wearing colour. So it’s not just about black any more.

I have written quietly for many years, but started the website when my 14 year old Daughter (as was) simply assumed I could write for myself, on my own site. Who was I to say (Ludite that I am) that I couldn’t? She believed I could, so I did. I’ve been silent over COVID, but I feel like I have a bit more headspace/heart space to write about the things I love again.

Also the conversation of who the voices on the web are, continues to be a relevant one, as fashion/clothing/design isn’t just for those seen only as “young” My focus here continues to be black, deconstructed, New Zealand made, and ethically produced clothing.

If you want to see the coloured side, then go to beautiful bedlam.co.nz.





about madz

When I started this website, I had a resident 14 year old with a strong sense of her own style. Years later she is now 20 and with no less strength of character or style. She left beautifulblack long ago and you can now find her using her camera instead of her words online. You can find her here for her Instagram Facebook and blog (allinarow.co.nz)





about michelle

Michelle is a freelance architectural & lifestyle photographer, who also has a passion for and career in spatial design. With an eye for fashion photography, she has been capturing New Zealand Fashion Week for us since 2012, along with I.D Dunedin Fashion Week since 2015. studio weir.com