nzfw 2016 – harman grubisa

With their W2017 collection called Rococo,  Mercedes Benz presents Harman Grubisa got New Zealand Fashion Week 2016 off to a glamorous start.

The first outfit down the runway was the most glamorous of knitwear, in metallic gold. With silver featuring also – knitwear in metallics had a strong presence in the collection. With the knitwear hemlines long (in a hat tip to the 90s) they felt like an elegant fisherman’s knit.

I loved the black knitwear over the short satin biased cut skirt. Basically I loved everything in black – beautifully cut long lined jackets with a high waisted detail, jersey dresses with a unique pleated detail twisting down the arm and a spectacular dress with a three tiered pleating detail. The wide legged pants with cross over blouse made me want to ditch all my draped, voluminous black (for a moment) and turn into a sleek sophisticate…

That said, what I do so love about the Harman Grubisa collections, is the complexity of the colour palate – black is of course present but kept to a minimum. With deep burgundy (the most beautiful flared 3/4 pants) , soft silvery greys (elegant jumper and skirt), cinnamon (tailored long satin riding jacket), and a rose copper (in a jacket and pants) and a complex tight floral pattern (the only pattern) in burgundy – there was a hue for everyone. Considering their first collection was just 2015, their work always seems so “grown up” and so well considered. And edited. I could just go on and on…

It was, quite simply, a fantastic way to start NZFW for 2016. With the entire space filled to the brim, and a heck of a lot of glamour both off, but mostly on, the runway.

Editor’s notes

Standout pieces where anything with a pleated detail – three tiered dresses and sleeve detailing

I loved the faux fur jackets with heavy gold buttons – my favourite piece

Fabulous 90’s soundtrack that set the bar for the week

Everyone is going to want those long tailored jackets

Photography by Michelle Weir of Studio Weir


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