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iD Dunedin Fashion Week is a wonderful communal effort from the city of Dunedin.I ran some questions past prolific Company Of Strangers designer Sara Munro about her involvement

You have a big week with iD this week, what will you be involved with for iD 2016?

We (Company of Strangers) are showing on the Friday / Saturday night railway shows. And personally I am involved as a iD committee member which involves planning the event over the course of the year.

What is you favourite part of iD? Personally I love how it seems to touch almost the whole city…

I love how the city seems to dress up for the week, and there’s an excitement about having guests from out of town that aren’t here for sport! Usually in Dunedin our events revolve around Rugby games, so this is a wonderful event for creatives, and women especially! I love going to the International Emerging Fashion Awards, what we see every year blows my mind! The worlds up and coming talent in one room is so exciting!

You seem very calm and organised considering you are part of such a huge catwalk show at the end of the week – not once but twice!

This is our sixth year involved in iD but personally I’ve been involved for about 12 years, so we run like a well oiled machine. The production is so well planned and executed, so we basically just turn up with our garments and go!

What are your past highlights?

Our first show as Company of Strangers was my highlight, we have specially made our shoes from black leather and upholstery tacks and they looked so amazing people wanted to buy them! It was a cool moment, also my mother hand knitted our beautiful recycled wool scarves which we then sold out of.

Tell us a bit about you w 2016 collection that you are showing at the Railway Station (always a highlight of iD)? There is a whole heap of leather….

We are showing Gold Nouveau Print oversized trenches, amazing floating satin wide legged pants which make an awesome silhouette. Lots of leather, pleating plus the most incredible dusty blush pink mohair sloppy turtlenecks and long stretches cardigans.

Oh yes and our leather is machine washable!!! We love love leather!!

What are your favourite pieces this season? (I love the Nomad Pants in leather and the Painters Coat)

Raven Vest Dress, Painters Trench, Roma Vest, Emilie pants. Oh and you would love the Linear Dress in Black Leather with pleating !!!

Photographs of iD Dunedin Fashion Week 2015 at the Railway Station

By Michelle Weir of Studio Weir


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