nzfw 2015 – dmonic intent/syre

The bending of traditional gender roles is possibly the thing that I appreciated most about Dmonic Intent and Syre – as well as the clothes themselves. In both shows, some of the clothing was worn by women, but in an androgynous way, and vice versa – some of the dresses where worn by men. Neither in an overt way, simply the clothing was worn by a person – and it looked just perfect. Rather than the gender changes done merely to attract attention, they were used to great effect in both these shows.

This is one very talented family – with the sisters, brother and neice stretched across both brands – Syre the streetwear brand and Dmonic Intent the more high end clothing label. Sisters Kristin Leith, Maxine and Samara Wooldridge and Joe Walker work on the Dmonic Intent label while seventeen year old Aaliyah Jobe works on SYRE (her mother is Kris Leitch). Both labels were cohesive and well edited. Syre with its monochrome CAPT offering – shorts, tees, caps and more. And Dmonic Intent’s Asian influenced collection  – silver and reds and splashes of gold with the label’s signature black.

The styling was great for both shows – each year these designers get stronger and more assured with what they are doing. We will be looking out for them at Miromoda later in the week.

All photographs by Michelle Weir

The following are from the Dmonic Intent

15NZFW-DI-1 15NZFW-DI-2 15NZFW-DI-3 15NZFW-DI-4 15NZFW-DI-5 15NZFW-DI-6 15NZFW-DI-7 15NZFW-DI-8 15NZFW-DI-9 15NZFW-DI-10




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