marr factory 2015 – kate sylvester

The soundtrack is always a key element in Kate Sylvester’s shows and her recent show at Golden Dawn (T Tavern of Power) was no exception. With a strong 90s vibe – with The Smiths and Nirvana keeping us happy – the collection started with a a big puff of pink smoke.  Literally! Making sure their show was memorable (who can forget the previously used chainsaws) – pink phosphorous flares were the accessory of choice this time.

Photographs as always by the very clever Michelle Weir

15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-2 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-3 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-6 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-7 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-8 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-10 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-11 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-12 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-13 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-15 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-16 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-17 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-19 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-20 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-21 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-23 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-25 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-26 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-5 15_08 KS-MichelleWeir-4

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