marr factory 2015 – nom*d

NOM*d presented LONGLIVE, at Golden Dawn recently with a catwalk show full of their signature black, but also balanced with lashings of milky white and red to fantastic effect.

With a collection hat-tipping icons of both music and culture – icons full of character and strength (much like NOM*d itself) for Spring Summer 2015/ 2016 is one of my favourite collections this summer.

With voiles and twills and the ever present georgette (where would my wardrobe be without georgette?) in their signature noire palette added the NOM*d signature of texture.  One of the best things about these shows is that you get to be quite up close and personal to the models – and you really do get a great view of the clothes. Even the rain added to the overall effect for the night!

The clothes are available now from Zambesi, and also from NOM*d as well as other stockists around New Zealand.

Photographs (as always) by the lovely Michelle Weir.

We will be at NZFW2015 in the coming weeks and will be looking forward to seeing what they have in store for winter 2016…

Marr-NOMD-1 Marr-NOMD-2 Marr-NOMD-3 Marr-NOMD-4 Marr-NOMD-5 Marr-NOMD-6 Marr-NOMD-7 Marr-NOMD-8 Marr-NOMD-9 Marr-NOMD-10 Marr-NOMD-12 Marr-NOMD-13 Marr-NOMD-14 Marr-NOMD-15 Marr-NOMD-16 Marr-NOMD-17


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