kowtow at the department store

I am very luckily about to spend a month in Europe in July and August. I am just starting to pack (I am painfully organized when it comes to these sort of things) and I have realized that a great deal of my summer packing appears to be great swathes of black silk, but the rest is almost all from my most favourite ethically sourced and made label, Kowtow. I can attest to how well this labels fabrics wear as I am quite hard on my clothing, but every piece I own is in fabulous condition.  Most weekends you will see me in Kowtow pretty much head to toe – especially in my drop crotch pants (in black of course) which I wear pretty much like a uniform.  They will be my standard flight attire (as they always are) and I have no idea what I am going to do if they ever stop making them (which they invariably will).

So I am rather pleased that one of my favourite shopping destinations is now stocking one of my all time favourite labels.  Known for it ethical sourcing and make, Kowtow is also head of my list for simply and beautifully constructed clothing. Every detail is considered not just for how it looks but also sticks strictly to its ethical code. When they first made pants they were with a drawstring as there was no ethically made elastic available, they now have a soft elasticized waistband as they have been able to sort that out to their satisfaction. Shirts were not made until ethically made buttons could be sourced.  So the label evolves as and when it can – always within its own strict guidelines. And while sticking to this code it has obviously resonated with the many of us who wish our clothes made NOT at the expense of another human being’s welfare or dignity.

So to kick off their move into The Department Store, they held a show recently on the third floor with owner Gosia Patek over from her home base of London where she is currently living with her partner and baby son. What always strikes you about Gosia whenever I get to see her is how committed she is to what she does – to doing it well – but she is always very humble about it.  Almost like she is a little surprised at all the fuss.

The label is now stocked in many countries around the world, and also still available in New Zealand at The Department Store, Maaike & Co, and online at kowtow.com




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