jimmy d – 10 years of darkness

I met Jimmy D designer James Dobson ten years ago. He was working in a store in Newmarket, and I came to greatly appreciate his great eye when it came to what suited me, and he was forever encouraging me to try new things, new shapes, new fabrics.  I was convinced I knew what I needed, but James (luckily) often encouraged me otherwise. He had a great eye for what suited people, he was quite age blind in a sense, and this is one of the many things I love about his clothing. So it came as no surprise to me that he actually quietly designed clothes as well as selling other peoples.  And the natural next step for me was to buy one of his pieces. The first pieces I bought (you always remember your first) was a piece called Threesome, and it was from his second collection. It was the start of an addiction I have absolutely no intention of ever giving up.

So this winter, saw the release of James’ 20th collection. Twenty collections by a New Zealand designer is a big deal – especially from one who trained as a photographer, and started his career by cutting pieces of silk on the floor of his apartment. James’ (not so secret) super power is that he designs pieces that know no boundaries in terms of who they “should” look good on. His pieces look good on young men and older women and everyone in between. At the celebration of his first ten years (at The Shelter in Ponsonby) everyone was invited to either wear their favourite Jimmy D piece or to dress in the “spirit of Jimmy D”.   It was fascinating to see the same pieces worn in the same room on different people and look ENTIRELY different on each person. My Daughter Madeleine wore my Threesome Dress – which thrilled me no end as it looked as current on her now as it was on me ten years ago.

So here is to another ten years of darkness and gloom (and a lot of black silk) from James Dobson. And donuts.  There will have to be donuts.


















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