bleeding hearts – chaos & harmony w2015

I am going to say incredibly positive things about Chaos & Harmony’s Bleeding Hearts collection, but first I am going to have to mention one big negative… I am going to be very broke when this collection drops in the next few weeks…

I am completely fussy when it comes to shoes, and it is pretty much the only thing I buy when I travel overseas. Shoes, but especially boots and sneakers, are my two footwear obsessions. Up until now I have only admired Chaos & Harmony’s footwear. I could stand back and nod appreciatively with each new season, but I haven’t owned any of the shoes. How much of a change (for me) one season can make. It is like designer Rebecca Anderson just knew my favourite colour (other than black of course) with gorgeous accents of wine patent leather. Lots of texture with embossed leathers (oh how I love texture with black) and hand finishes give each shoe a unique look. I love detail with my shoes/boots – so there are cut-outs and buckles that wrap around ankles, there are perspex heels with industrial looking bolts holding them perfectly in place. The boots that make up this collection should cover just about every need – with towering stacks (with internal platforms so they are not as high as they appear), perfect mid heels and practical flats. There are pointed toes and rounded toes. There is loads of black but a healthy dose of soft pinks, metallic… and that is just the boots! My picks for the boots are INGRID (RRP $369), ALLEGIANCE (RRP $379) and SYNDICATE (RRP $439)

Then there are the sneakers. My particular favourite is the BO pull-on boot in black AND white leather (arriving in March RRP $329). My dilemma, however, is which one to get, but to be honest, I can see myself buying both. And wearing both until they completely wear out. I have been carrying a photograph of me trying them on at Chaos & Harmony’s media day and everyone I have shown (and waxed lyrical to) has looked a little pained as they have realised that they need those boots in their lives also, and that we are going to need to have some sort of system worked out about who wears them on what days or we are all going to wearing them at the same time. The Daughter is most indignant that I will get them instead of her. I think her hope is that I get bored with them and she will inherit them. It’s just not going to happen.

Add to that, Chaos & Harmony may have the perfect evening court shoe with the ROSETTE in wine and in black. They could be worn with rolled up jeans or a ball gown.

I will make special mention of the two “jewels in the crown” – shoes greatly influenced by the bleeding hearts theme – ARROWHEAD (RRP $379) and HEARTBREAK (RRP $369). The Arrowhead crossed the shoe/sandal/boot line with a buckled strap around the ankle and an arrow detail on the patent leather. The Heartbreak has its perspex heel (complete with industrial bolts) and a mix of patent and rubbed leather. It is open-toed, but has real presence and looks gorgeous on the foot.

This collection is just one more reason for me to be happy about the arrival of my favourite season – winter. Find them in store at stockists around the country, at both BLAKCHAOS stores, at The Dept Store on the Shore and online here from February 2015


BO in black


Enlighten in Crimson


Heartbreak in Crimson


Momento in black


Arrowhead in black


Allegiance in black


Fancy in black $299


Rosette in wine and black


Cherish in black $249


BO in white $329

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