window takeover – the shelter

Recently I was asked to ‘takeover’ the window at The Shelter, Ponsonby. It was an interesting proposition, as how do I combine my two worlds, the one of colour and the one of black?I did think an all black window would be a tad predictable so I wanted to make sure I got some colour in there as well. I was very grateful that DULUX were happy to work with me and made sure I had all the colours I could possibly want.

The biggest issue was finding the driftwood.  I thought this would be an easy issue – we are surrounded by coastlines and surely it is all covered with driftwood?  It appears not.  It took eight trips to various beaches around Auckland and beyond before I found even close to how much I needed.  I supplemented it in the end with some cut birch logs, and used them as the base for the ‘coloured’ window. This window had a lilac dress from Children of Vision’s Bernard Wilheim in it with a pile of black painted logs covered in glitter.  The other three frames had black pieces and then hand painted driftwood underneath. I am extremely lucky that I could convince The Daughter to help otherwise I would still be painting the driftwood now and would never have got the window up on time! I used the Barabara Gongini Silk Shirt Dress, Children of Vision’s OTSU Prayer Dress and Jimmy D’s Black Light top in the black window.

The dulux colours I used were

Marahau – blue
Okarito – white
Lickedy Lick – hot pink
Jubilation – vibra
Hissop – purple
Emerald Green – green
Caribbean Turquoise
Citrus Hit – orange

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