juliette hogan – 10 years on

Ten years in New Zealand fashion.  Ten years! And ten years moving from strength to strength during a very difficult economic climate to boot.  Juliette Hogan has proven herself and the very assured showing at Silo 6 on the Viaduct was complete proof of that.

The space was filled to the brim with well wishers, friends, media and clients – all wishing to be part of such a great occasion.  It was topped of by the most beautiful simple, all black, lace detailed cake. And maybe the cake was the best illustration of Juliette’s style.  All her pieces are pared back, simple and yet beautifully detailed and executed in an uncomplicated palette.  She can be relied upon for elegance and perfect tailoring – whether the piece is a perfect pair of weekend jeans or a floor length sequined dress. All of her very best pieces where on display right from the very beginning.

Congratulations Juliette Hogan – here is to another ten years!

All photographs by Michelle Weir of Studio Weir








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