madz lovez #10

This month my favourite things are DMs, Converse, (as usual) books about Zombie love, Skull rings, Parachute, Ruby’s new Pre-Fall collection and old Leica cameras…

I know I don’t NEED anymore DMs but when I saw these black and white ones I decided that one more pair won’t matter too much… I found these at the DM store in San Francisco and I fell in love.


Blue by Brandy Wehinger (Random House) is this great book about love, zombies and the end of the world! I don’t read books and when I do I normally just read the first couple of pages then I stop, so when I read Blue in just under two weeks I was amazed. The book is funny, scary and lovely to read – I highly recommend it everyone. I have become attached to all the characters and I really need to know if there will be a second book coming soon? Illustrations done by the fantastic Misery (Tanya Jade)


Parachute – parachute is coming up on the 24-26 of jan (Auckland) only 5 days way! I have a post just on Parachute and the line up coming later in the week. I just wanted to remind people that it’s coming up. I’m so super excited for a weekend of music, street style and camping (mum is not looking forward to camping) *EDITORS NOTE – Luckily we are GLAMPING, not camping…


Meadowlark- I just love Meadowlark and all that they do! I find how their pieces can fit into one another a stroke of genius. They have some beautifully made Stacker rings that all fit into one another creating another big ring. You can choose your own pieces and have your own personal combination.


Camera- found this great Leica camera in a little hospice shop down in Whakatane. It’s in great nick and I got it for $5, now all is left is to find some film and go out and try it.


I went to have  a custom pair of Converse made at their huge store in San Francisco but instead I got these. I must say it is a lot cheaper to buy converse there than here! Bonus!



Ruby have their first Pre-Fall collection already in their stores! So hard to think about winter when it is so hot! Love the jackets and striped tee tho…




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