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My obsession with sneakers knows no signs of abating. Between Madeleine and I we have about 26 pairs of sneakers. For me they are incredibly comfortable and dressed up or down they can take me pretty much anywhere. The days of my strutting around on a pair of high heels is now long gone (bad back) – so comfort is paramount but obviously style is a firm equal! All my favourite sneaker brands are doing collaborations at present, so I thought there were several worth listing. I also find that even though they can be seen at a quick fashion fix, I often keep mine for a long time so I find them a little less expensive in the long run (as it were)…


The most exciting for me is the collaboration between Converse and Margiela Maison with coloured chuck taylor high tops (in yellow, black, navy and red) are dipped in white paint. The fresh-out-of-the-box look is a white sneaker but as they are worn, the paint cracks and peels revealing the colour underneath. Already released overseas, New Zealand is hopefully getting a very limited amount before Christmas. Who will be stocking them, and what price we will be paying remains to be seen.  They have been selling for 200 Euro, which translates to about $330 NZD, but I know that is a snip for some sneaker buffs to pay…

missoni auckland racer

Missoni and Converse have come up with the Auckland Racer but I pretty much shouldnt even tell you about them as they are impossible to get now, but I still think they are pretty fabulous.  After collaborating in the past with the Chuck Taylor, and Missoni fabrics (striped fabrics and navy soles) they decided to do something different.  I am still hoping they go back to the classic Chuck combination after this…



converse marimekko

Marimekko is my favourite fabric house. Bar none. So combine my favourite sneakers with my favourite fabric house and you have something I am just about powerless NOT to buy.  I like the fact that they have a sense of whimsy about them.  They certainly dont take themselves too seriously… Converse/Marimekko are stocked exclusively at Ruby here in New Zealand for $160, but ship to New Zealand for those colourways that we can’t get here like the beautiful/colourful Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Marimekko Pisaroi Platform which is my current favourite in black with a coloured tear pattern (retails at $119 AusD).

vans x 1


Love these Vans crossed with Liberty fabrics have just hit the stores in limited numbers – I have seen them at Platypus stores…




The Daughter is rather keen on these Disney/Van collaborations, especially since a family friend is having a baby soon and these shoes come in a teeny tiny version… too cute. They retail at about $79 for the kids ones and the adult sizes start at $180. They are stocked at Area 51 in Auckland…


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  1. So refreshing to see someone embracing colour!!! Love it, gives us less courageous ones inspiration to not hold back! Thanks

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