madz lovez #9

This post is all about the things I love right now – Armageddon, Glassons, Kowtow, Maybelline, Converse, Davines and Eleven Australia.


I am starting off this post with the two products that are amazing for people like me who like to make their lives difficult by colouring their hair!  Especially for me as I like my hair white.  Davines Oil is for all kinds of hair and it smells amazing.  It really stops the frizziness.  I like to leave it on overnight sometimes for an extra boost. The Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven Australia is exactly what it says, it is a miracle.  I leave it in during the day and it smells like coconut.


Armageddon is on at the ASB Showgrounds this weekend for all the gamers, nerds, geeks – people like me who love dressing up and meeting cool people. So this is a bit of my costume I have been making for the past month. It is on over Labour Weekend 25th-28th October.  I will be going for at least two of the days.  I particularly love it on the Sunday and the Monday as that is when all the best Cosplay (people who like to dress up) people are around.  If you see me taking photos of all the costumes, come and say hi…


This is my new Dream Pure BB Cream from Maybelline. I just love it and I just got it from Countdown for $14.


Converse with studs!  They are so fun and cool.  I don’t think anything else needs to be said. They are just too perfect.


I really love Kowtow and all the people behind the label that make such an amazing, ethical brand. From the design of the clothes, to the feel of them it is all just so beautiful and I am so proud to support Kowtow. I’m also blessed to have the Shadow Dress and the Mount Rokko Bag (which is the best bag I have ever had).  Love you Guys!


This is my favourite tee at the moment – the Alphabet Tee from Glassons.  I got it from their new Wellington store that opened on Lambton Quay.  The store is HUGE!



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