nzfw 2013 – pia boutique

You could easily be forgiven for thinking it was high summer at the Pia NZFW show. Soft girly pink and mint silk taffeta pants shorts and tops sauntered down the runway but we loved it when the brighter, punchier prints the former graphic design student is known for made their entrance. Pia Naera has come along way from her first show at NZFW as part of Miromoda last year – and that was impressive.  Then, she produced a tight little collection of dresses showcasing her bright graphic style prints. Now the collection has gotten bigger with more styles added and more fabrics designed while staying true to her aesthetic.  She has opened her store in Parnell, Auckland and has a large, loyal following and continues to be entirely New Zealand made.

It is easy to love the summery colours, simple designs and general ease that these garments are worn with. The showstopper (aside from singer/actress Esther Stephens opening the show with a live performance) was the mermaid tailed floor length aqua dress that finished the show.  It was modelled by Kelvin (aka Ksenia from Clyne) who was just perfection the whole week and bought a real sophistication to the runway every time she walked. She always looked completely poised and effortless whenever we saw her. It was a perfect way to end the show.












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  1. Thanks for the great pics and review! One small correction – the opening song was written and performed by Esther Stephens. Ooops – not Williams.

    • Whoops! Sorry about that! I knew that actually – I have no idea what my head was thinking! Thanks for pointing that out 🙂 She was amazing on the day!

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