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So the next few days are going to be a bit frantic with three days of New Zealand Winter 2014 fashion to pour over, wish for and generally rave about. This is an ‘Industry Only’ couple of days, but by friday the tables are turned and everyone gets to see what is coming up for summer this year. Not just ‘invite only’ – anyone can go, you just have to buy a ticket! And in point of fact – I am going to give a couple away as well – to two of my favourite shows of the weekend! So the following are my picks for the weekend as well as all the other shows – Trelise, KMS, and all the Designer Showcases that will be going on every night during the week.  These are $65 but come with a fantastic goodie bag (am a assured it is fabulous) and a full 35 minute show from all the designers we love who are showing at NZFW. It is worth every penny…

Firstly – as far as makeup is concerned, the M.A.C. workshops are just brilliant. I have been to a couple of them in the past and they are worth every penny! I am still using the tips I got from the last session I went to, and I am a pretty hard sell with makeup as a rule. I tend to do things the same all the time, and I do know what suits me, but every now and then it is good to get a new perspective on things – and what better way to hear them than from those that have been working on NZFW makeup all week.  M.A.C. know their stuff! And in my opinion if you can manage the premium seats – it is always worth it…




The two shows that I would happily pay to see involve some of my favourite designers, many of whom you don’t usually get to see. The A.OK “All On K Rd” show is on the Saturday at 2pm at the big Westpac Hall is one of them.  With seats for either $20 or $30 (which is a premium seat), there are four fabulous designers, all based on K Rd.  Maaike will be showing Dont Feed The Plants ss2013, and have a store in St Kevin’s Arcade, as does James Dobson’s Jimmy D label – which is stocked in his Children of Vision store. He will be showing Gloom Rules: Reloaded ss2013. Lela Jacobs is based further up the street at The Keep, and her collection Jurgen ss2013/14 will be coming down the runway, after her first showing at NZFW earlier in the week. The foursome is made up with Adrian Hailwood’s label Hailwood with his collection I Love Fake ss2013/14 and his store is just a stone’s throw from Lela’s. Please note, the Hailwood image is from the recent FQ mag. Get your tickets for all the shows from iTicket

Lela Jacobs

Lela Jacobs – photograph by Meighan Ellis

Jimmy D

Jimmy D – Gloom Rules – Reloaded



Maaike – Dont Feed The Plants



Hailwood I Love Fake – image from FQ magazine

The second show I am looking forward to is the 2pm show in the Westpac Shed featuring Wellingtons Kowtow, Auckland’s Cybele, Hamilton’s NYNE and Dunedin’s Company of Strangers – all showing their ss2013/14 collections. Styled (as with the A OK show) by Chris Lorimer with make up by M.A.C. and hair by the team from Stephen Marr (also as with the A OK show). Tickets are avaiable from iTicket and they are selling fast.


Cybele – Levitas


KOWTOW The Silent Space


Company Of Strangers

Company Of Strangers – Love and Rockets



NYNE – Decipher

I have a double ticket for both the A OK Show and the Cybele/Kowtow/NYNE/CoS Show to be drawn on Friday 5pm. You just need to comment either below or on the Facebook post stating your favourite designer/designers of the show you would like to see (either the A OK or  Cybele/Kowtow/NYNE/CoS Show).  Lucky I don’t have to choose as I love pretty much all of them!

Finally there is the world famous in New Zealand Designer Garage Sale.  Entry is free if you buy tickets to any of the shows or seminars over the weekend. Running the entire weekend 10-5pm (9-10am is VIP access only).  With labels like Ingrid Starnes,, Chaos and Harmony, Deryn Schmidt, Huffer, Lonely Hearts, Mister, Riddle Me This, Julian Danger and Thieves Like Us, there is plenty for everyone. From previous experience, make sure you have comfy footwear and are focused in your approach!  There are some serious bargains to be had!

Riddle Me This

Riddle Me This



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  1. I would love to see the cybele/kowtow/CofS/NYNE show. Cybele is an old favourite and kowtow a new one – I adore being able to tell people I’m wearing fair trade, organic cotton with a vegetable dye print! Thanks

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