the marr factory – karen walker ss2013

As a lover of colour (in everything except my own clothing) the thing that I adore about this current collection is the exceptionally clever use of colour.Olive greens, go with tangerine oranges with a splash of acid green and my favourite dirty gold shading. And somehow they all go together. The ease with which the colour palette hangs together belies how complicated it is. Add the patterned fabrics in various combination of these shades (and great lashing of monochrome black and white) and the gorgeous knitwear and we have Karen Walker’s New Rose SS2013. Being a lover of graphic prints – the monochrome Dripping Rose and Runaway Girl sweats with ¬†Dripping detail is fabulous. Add the amazing footwear from Beau Coops for Karen Walker with their tangerine loafer (the cream version is equally as covetable) and the amazing heels – and the outfits are complete.

The models makeup used Orange and True Chartreuse Chromaline for graphic eyes, with Dim Lip Erase for the lips. The nails were done in my personal all-time favourite M.A.C nail Lacquer, Nocturnelle. Amber D was the key makeup artist for M.A.C.

Golden Dawn (Tavern of Power) was full, but I do know that there are still tickets left for Nom*d and Kate Sylvester through iticket… they are worth the $50 price tag – with a great goodie bag (there was a $30 KW voucher and M.A.C. eyeshadow in mine as well as a few other treats including a hair treatment at Stephen Marr).








The hair was done by Sky Cripps Jackson for Steven Marr and the MARR factory

Sky Cripps from Stephen Marr with all the models

Sky Cripps Jackson from Stephen Marr with all the models


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