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Pretty soft pinks will be everywhere before you know it. With sorbet soft pastels the next big thing in interiors, I thought I had better get you all prepared. I was speaking to an Interior Designer we all know the other day and she was talking about painting her black lounge wall out and putting a soft pink one up in its place… Being of the gutsy colour variety myself (in terms of my own personal preference), I still love soft colour – I am just a sucker for colour full stop. I might suggest that you watch out for the next cover of Homestyle Magazine if you want to see soft pink used with confidence…

Gidon Bing is an exceptionally talented man, in that typically New Zealand- type way.  Low key and just getting on with it. I love his soft use of colour with a hint of pink and of blue. His ceramics are stocked at Simon James at The Department Store, and it appears to me that they might be having a bit of a sale…

gidon bing

Pretty Pastel Style by Selina Lake, which I bought recently from Collected in Mt Eden, is the perfect go-to book if you want to indulge in all things pastel. With a modern take on the traditionally vintage colour palette, it has plenty of white and pops of shots of sizzling yellow and even a dash of neons.  So no nannyish colours here. With plenty of modern furniture thrown in as well, there is no denying this is an updated take. on the feminine feel.  As well as looking at the Vintage Pastels, it also looks at Handmade Pastels with a crafty vibe, and Simple Pastels with an almost white scheme with soft hints of colour. The book is published by Ryland and Peters, distributed here by Book Reps and retails for $55





There is no questioning my obsession with all things enamels – especially coloured enamel.  This amazing coffee pot is from Flotsam and Jetsam in Ponsonby and is $55.  I just love the shade of pink…


Nobody does soft dusky pink better than Erin OMalley from Madder & Rouge.  She is often seen wearing the colour, and she uses it in the store often as well with furnishing fabrics and accessories. At present she has Genievive Levie cushions in the soft pink, with her painterly linen cushions as well as linen sheets in soft pink and greys that can be ordered.

Levy cushions

Karen Walker has a softest baby pink sweaters on sale at present.  The Spotted Jumper is just $149 on sale if you can find any left as they are rather perfect for the current inclement weather! Check out her new store in Ponsonby in a beautiful shade of pink. Though probably the biggest news is that everything in store is just $150 during the sale now!


In terms of interiors, I have been looking for soft pinks for a client and it has reminded me what an easy colour it is to work with.  The softest of pinks can be used like a neutral with linens and sheepskins, and well as a pastel shot of colour in an all white interior. I particularly like PORTERS PAINTS Peony which has a lovely vintage-y feel to it.  It would work well with soft mossy greens or baby blues – or even a shot of neon if you feel so inclined!

I love these beautifully crafted brooms and brushes from Andree Jardin that have just arrived at Corso De Fiori.  The colours are a charming mix of 50’s shades – part pastel and part pop. Love them

Balai droit 33cm

The incredibly talented Evie Kemp has released a new set of prints with this beautiful swan in soft apricot and mint green.  This one was bought from endemic world and unframed it is just $45.  Thanks to Michelle Weir for photographing it in her home (it is hers).




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