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I was at an event the other day and we were discussing colour, and the use thereof (in a fashion sense) and someone asked me (again) why I don’t wear colour. Someone kindly said that they could get me into some colour (it was a very lovely stylist) but I tried to explain that it isn’t that I am nervous about colour – quite the contrary I would like to think.  I know how to handle it, and I know how to wear it, I just choose not to. I can be flicking thru a magazine and the thing that jumps out at me will be the all black silhouette with lots of up-close texture and interest. I know I love a large billowy silhouette with narrow legs. In black. Love it. Can’t get enough variations. That’s just me…

But I digress…so it got me thinking about the fact that black can be a bit of a trap (Im not trapped – I just love it). So I decided to to a post on the introduction of colour to an all black wardrobe (which I obviously possess) with some pieces that have grabbed me over the winter months… and shockingly I have included at least one of the pieces in my wardrobe and am considering another one as we speak… I wonder if you can guess which ones…

Jimmy D can’t really do anything wrong for me. He has been my go-to guy for an all black flowing silk silhouette for quite a long time now, but this season he decided to change things around and has not only come out with a sleeker profile in many of his pieces, but has included more of the fine woolen knits. And colour.  Yep you read that right.  Colour. I am completely in love with this Maaya Dress in Lipstick in parachute silk. It is just incredible. The Maaya dress is one that is nearly seeking ‘classic’ status with Jimmy D as it is a great dress for hiding those things that need to be hidden, while having some beautiful detailing. It is available from Children of Vision, Plume Christchurch and Dunedin, Goddess Queenstown, 47 Frocks Wanaka, The Service Depot, Wellington and retails for $535. It also comes in black…


Yellow has featured strongly in interiors for me recently, but here is the perfect incarnation for wearing with black is the Soft Bag from Zambesi.  And having felt the leather, I can attest to its softness. The bag is available both on-line and at Zambesi stores for $445


While we are looking at Zambesi and colour (a rather unusual thing), here is the perfect make up bag for me. It is in my favourite shade of blue and I just love it. It not only comes in Turquoise, but also in Orange and Yellow.  It retails at $125 and you will always be able to find it in the bottom of your suitcase (if like me everything in the case is black…)


If both the colours and the costs are outside of your budget and/or colour range, here is an easy alternative to bright colour and expensive pricing… the Madisyn boot from Number One Shoes comes in a fabulous mossy green and is an on-trend ankle boot.  It is also only $69

Madisyn Boot forest green $69-99, February 2013

And I have added this Hiss Dress from Stolen Girlfriends Club for the Daughter who is madly in love with it.  It has sold out on-line at Stolen Girlfriends Club, but we saw one at Black Box in the Department Store last weekend, so who knows, you could be lucky… it retails for $246


I love using orange in interiors, so maybe that is why I just had to include a pop of orange in my post.  Kowtow with their ethical fair-trade take on fashion make pieces that are incredibly easy to wear, and that can be worn several ways. With their organic fair-trade cotton, they have also managed to include some brilliant use of colour.  I love this Hooded Scarf in Orange that retails for $95.  It can be thrown over your head when it is terribly cold, but works as an amazing wrap/scarf when it isn’t.  I couldn’t have lived without it on my last trip to Wellington.


I have a bit of an obsession with uneven hemlines at present.  I have a great tunic from Maaike that is long at the back and short at the front – which has to go in a future post… watch out for it… so while we are doing pops of colour and I saw this new Glassons Crepe High Low Top in citron for just $49, I had to include it.  There is of course a black version for those of us who love black only… it is in-store in the next few weeks.

BV19261V_C_glassons $49.99 citron

The last piece to be included in this post is the fantastic Backroom Dress from Company Of Strangers.  Part of the POP SHOP collection that also included pink, and orange as well as violet and black, I just adore this dress. It is available from Children of Vision, and Company of Strangers and retails for $515


Maybe just one more because it is so beautiful….. while we are talking about Company of Strangers, I just have to include the Bondage Backpack which retails for $860. With each backpack finished by Artist Harlequin Jones, this is a true work of art – which in turn was inspired by Keith Haring.   What is not to love…

title image

Runway photographs are by  Michelle Weir

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