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Trelise Cooper kicked of the Designer Group Show at Wellington Fashion Week 2013.  It was just about a case of ‘first up best dressed’ with Trelise’s confident collection kicking thing off. With plaids and floral mixed with the seasons ‘must have’ leather appearing in skirts. Sequined collars added a touch of bling and I loved all the floral on floral – and especially the plaid jackets.  The styling was similar to NZFW2012 with the great fabric covered wedges that I coveted at Fashion Week, as well as ‘wedgeless’ suede shoes in a myriad of colours. That certainly got everyone sitting up in their seats!

trelise 2

trelise 3

trelise 5


With Moochi up next, they were all about the texture and the metallics.  The black knits over printed with silver, and the silver denim skirts got our attention.  As did the silk shift dress in deep red.  Everyone has been raving since about the Liquid Maxi Dress with its swish of gold along the hem – Julie Roulston put it in her Ten Things To Love from Wellington Fashion Week.





twoWORLDS used a ikat inspired print that they worked through their collection.  The ikat appeared in a neat peplum jacket, and also in their clutches – their styling was simple but well done. Loved the gold velvet shift with a clutch, and the pops of fuchsia pink.




Storm stuck to what they do best – with lots of black. With faux fur, and snake-skin and a pleather sleeved coat they were all about winter with a bit of attitude. Loved the silver flecked suit…

storm 2

storm 3

storm 4


Mondegreen are the reasonably new kid on the block but they have a strong history in manufacturing – which they used to their advantage. The standout for me was the rose print which they put to very good use with a quilted bomber jacket.  Their pieces are simple and wearable – and their show was done with a definite grin.  They sent a circus performer down the runway to kick everything off – it was a treat to be able to just relax and smile as the show started… We also loved the grey sweater dress with the cartoon tiger on the front.  Fun!




Sabatini for Goodness (the longtime favourite store of Wellingtonians) kicked it with their leather infused collection.  Sabatini showed their classic-with-a-sexy-twist side with leather fronted tights (which I am assured are the only ones to own) as well as leather collars and sleeves. Their patterns were simple but strong with a prince of Wales check and a black and white Jacquard. With a studded leather dress and a fur striped jerkin – this is not clothing for the meek. The styling was done by the flamboyant (and charming) Sopheak Seng –




Taylor finished with their slick and sleek version of layering. They know exactly what they are doing and what their clients love. Loved their version of a puffer jacket in red and the ragged wool neck pieces that they sent down the runway. There was plenty of layering in cream and black with a wool print over the top. Perfect.





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