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It would appear right while we are in the middle of a recession, that doing things differently from everyone else might not appear to be a wise move.  But maybe, while it is so difficult for clothing retailers, now is the perfect time to be doing it differently, doing it with a new mindset. Three companies in the current market have stepped out and decided to do things their own way, and interestingly all are run by women. All are doing it their own way, for their own reasons – but forging ahead none-the-less. This post is part one in the series…

The first of these is the label we previously knew at simply STARFISH.  Run for many years now by the perennially youthful Laurie Foon, it is a label well know for its ethical stance with its production.  Fabrics are source ethically, and where possible from New Zealand. But Laurie has then it a step further with questions being raised (by her) about how fashion in general adds to continual constipuous consumption. How we often buy things just because we want them and rarely anymore because we need them. And rarely do we question how they are made and what that adds or takes away from the planet. It is an odd thing for a clothing designer to be questioning these things as the very nature of what she does is encouraging clients to buy the next new thing. It appears to me that Laurie wants to step off this treadmill and get us to start questioning how, why and what we buy. To herald this change, STARFISH has added the tag-line New Materialism.

New Materialism represents what we have always believed and followed at STARFISH. We love to have and create beautiful clothes, but we also care about how they’re made, where they’re made and what they’re made out of,” says Foon. She says that New Materialism is not about going without material things, but about refocusing our attention on the qualities of things that make them truly beautiful. “It’s about celebrating the interconnectedness of things with people, the community, and the environment with the ultimate aim of adding positive lasting value through the creative act of producing something beautiful.”
Her winter collection Queen of Extreme showing at Wellington Fashion Week, and she has one of the few solo shows of the week.  Showing this coming Friday, Queen of Extreme will be moving into stores about the same time. As well as seeing the current winter collection, there will also be a sneak peek at the upcoming summer. She has taken inspiration for ‘Wild Flowers SS 2013/4 from colours featured in an artwork by Wellingtonian artist  Mica Still for The Little Lotus Project. They are literally taking the pieces from the cutting table to the machinist and then straight onto the catwalk… We look forward to seeing them!




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