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In the coming weeks I am going to be doing a few posts on the trends coming through both fashion and interiors. Some to the trends start in interiors and then filter through to fashion, sometimes it is the other way round.  The metallics are coming through loud and clear on both sides of the fence at the moment and we are just going to focus on the copper/bronze tones we are going to see a lot of this winter.

Tom Dixon is ground breaking with whatever he does in furniture design, and lighting is no exception.  This is the Etch Shade and is made of copper. It is available from ECC LIGHTING and usually retails fro $1102 but is currently on sale for $880. He has long used metals as accents in his light fittings, and has carried this through to his ECLECTIC sister brand.  These are beautiful homewards fashioned in marble, copper, solid oak cast iron and hammered brass (in a series called Bash featured in the photo above by Michelle Weir). The range is available from Simon James. The Master himself will be talking at The Department Store 26th February at an invite only evening. We will be bringing you the highlights.


New Zealand’s own Douglas and Bec have opening their second store at the BLOC in Mt Eden. Adding to their repertoire, they are now carrying the gorgeous Copper Triangle Pendant Light. Made from spun copper with a polished lacquered finish, this little beauty would be great over a kitchen island, or hanging on either side of the bed. It retails for $359.


Madder and Rouge are ahead of the curve ball and have the most beautiful metallic coated linen cushions. They go as beautifully with bright colours as they do livening up a neutral palette. They retail for $198 and are available now.

bronze cushion M&R

Also from Madder and Rouge are these perfect copper look bracelets. Perfect for those of us who like a hint of a trend, and at only $20 they won’t break the bank.


Copper finds it’s way into current trends with this amazing dress from OTSU called the Viento Dress and it retails for $500 available from Children of Vision and Service Depot

Otsu Lookbook (92)


The Queen of Extreme Dress in copper is from Starfish and retails for $488.  It is available on-line here



When using copper in interiors think of it like a neutral with lots of bang. This copper light fitting in the kitchen of Kip & Co founders Hayley, is a perfect example.



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  1. Those copper-look bracelets are gorgeous! I want several, stacked up for a chunky statement look. Yum.

  2. Beautiful aren’t they? And I thought the price tags made them very accessible…

  3. Hi Anya, I agree with Rosie, loving those bangles! I look forward to meeting you tonight finally:) And hope that you’re feeling much better today! Mel

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