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I have to be honest about my feeling where Valentines Day is concerned. I am bit of a Valentines Day Grinch. I struggle somewhat with the concept that I need to be told when to be romantic with the one I love, and with the concept that you need someone to spend the day starry-eyed with! Every restaurant is booked out, red roses are astronomically expensive, tacky lingerie is the order of the day and roses chocolates from the petrol station are a great fall-back if all else fails. So I say NO! to Valentines Day (partially because my wedding anniversary is 2 days before hand so we have always ignored in to celebrate the date that means more to us) and why not make it a day to spoil ourselves instead. If we get something fabulous from the one we love (or who loves us) – then fantastic, but seriously we shouldn’t be waiting for a commercial day to stipulate when we should celebrate all things romantic. So here is a list of things we can buy, do, acquire for ourselves…

There is something elegant about this chair.  It comes from a new company Loft Living who can be found on-line here.  I love this chair called the Old Flour Bag Armchair and it comes from Belgium.  It retails for $1500 and could be considered a very special sort of present for yourself. Or something from someone else… you can find them on-line at or at Victoria Park Market, 210 Victoria St West, Auckland.


Well here is something that costs you nothing! To celebrate Glassons are running a Valentines Day competition where you can create a ‘wish list’ on-line and be in to win a $500 voucher.  With some rather fabulous things coming, and things already instore (as Madz just bought a gorgeous denim jacket with leather look sleeves) there will be plenty to spend your voucher on – make your list here


And why is it we choose things that aren’t permanent to spend our money on (boxes or chocolate and dinners out) with we could be using that money to buy a perfectly classic piece for our homes. The Margaret Howell Anglepoise Lamp from is just such a piece.  It comes in two colours ways, both black and white and retails from $380. This is something you would never regret owning – a gentle re-working of a great classic.


If budget is limited, then a movie might just do the trick. Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina is a positive feast for the eyes.  With the screen play adapted by Tom Stoppard and the film directed by the interesting Joe Wright (who directed Atonement). The sets are amazing with a mix of sumptuous Russian homes and landscapes, and unusually, the extension of the play just done on a stage.  Interestingly I would have preferred for one or the other as the flicking back and forward is a little difficult to follow at times, but it is a still a feast for the eyes with the most amazing costumes. Matthew Mcfadyen (Pride and Prejudice) is fabulous as Stiva, Anna’s brother.  Jude Law is almost unrecognizable as Anna’s long-suffering Husband. A word to the wise, this is a romantic saga but it doesn’t end well…


This is absolutely my favorite design book at the moment,Things I Love by Megan Morton. The Australian Stylist has just a fabulous eye – and curates her favourite houses, spaces, designers – generally just everything that catches her eye.  She has such a great mix of the quirky and of the classic which is probably why I like her so much… Things I Love by Megan Morton is published by Penguin and retails for $59.


OK.  What Girl doesn’t want a new fabulous handbag? This Wild Porter bag from Kate of Arcadia comes in black as well as this ruby-red fur – and I just love it! If you have to do red for Valentines Day – how about a red fur bag? Too gorgeous!


The new kid on the on-line Homeware Block is based in Wellington. Qwerky Home’s Anna Wilson-Farrell gets super excited about sustainably produced, fun and offbeat homewares, gifts, furniture and stationery. They stock the German-made, Italian-designed MIHO range made from recycled MDF and painted with non toxic colours. The deer heads are my favourites and range in price from $79 to $139. There is an interesting take on flowers!







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  1. I’ve just found your blog after flicking through a copy of House & Garden I was about to recycle. Amazing what wonderful things you can find! Thank you, I shall be a regular dipper in. I particularly like the clip about those fabulous ladies who realise that age should not restrict you when it comes to having fun with life and expressing who you are. I am always telling my lovely 16 year old daughter that you are as young as you feel and I still feel 19. Enjoy your weekend. 🙂

    • Thanks you for your kind words… I personally always feel about 26. It was a great age when the world felt alive with possibilities – and I am entirely unsure where the intervening twenty-something years have gone! You have definitely made my weekend a little brighter (and it was rather fabulous anyway!) Anya

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