dhl fashion export scholarship 2012

This evening the winner of the DHL Fashion Export Scholarship was I Love Ugly. With the other two finalists, Ingrid Starnes and Wellington’s Kowtow, each label showed three outfits in an installation at Libertine in Freemans Bay. Each installation was uniquely personal to each designer, showing something of their own aesthetic. I Love Ugly was chosen by the judging panel that included both Kate Sylvester (who gave the award) and Mindfood Editor (and all round woman with a fabulous eye) Caroline Enting.  Kate made mention of the fact that both her 12-year-old sons were keen to get a pair of their infamous I Love Ugly ‘Zespy’ pants.

The simplicity of Ingrid Starnes’ design was noted as was the strong organic and sustainability (and fair trade) components of Gosia Paitek’s Kow Tow label.  I will be following up with a post later this week on this fabulous label. Here are some of the highlights of the evening… photography by Michelle Weir (as always…)

Ingrid Starnes



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