nzfw 2012 – deryn schmidt

Deryn Schmidt’s first solo show at fashion week was a strong one. Schmidt spent 10 years working her way up from the bottom rung in the industry, including working for both Andrea Moore and Helen Cherry, before launching her eponymous label. Her experience showed – you can’t fake good tailoring, there are no shortcuts, and Schmidt is very good at tailoring.
Her collection, titled The Wall, was largely made up of classic pieces that would comfortably slot into any wardrobe. With beautiful, flattering pants and blazers, the collection featured wool, velvet and silk as luxurious winter textiles. With brave use of varying prints and pops of bright colour accenting the classic shapes and cuts, there was a great mix of formal and casual wear. She showed silk pants with matching blouses, flowing tunics and great pencil skirts. While many pieces were structured, it had a very easy feel to it – a sense of ‘throw this on and you’re good to go’.
One of the highlights for me was the fact she used an older model – it shouldn’t be shocking or surprising to see a 40-something on the runway at fashion week, but it kind of was. In a nice way. It would seem Schmidt and her team realise the appeal her clothes hold for a wide range of women, regardless of age. And kudos to them for acknowledging their customer base in such a refreshingly honest way.
All in all it was a strong collection of beautiful tailoring and well-thought-out pieces that left the viewer with an excellent impression of Deryn’s style and what her label stands for.

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