the marr factory – helen cherry & workshop

The crowds just keep getting bigger each night at Golden Dawn, so with Helen Cherry/Workshop the runway was even more packed.  With 30 models gracing the runway, and some famous faces to boot – Penny Pickard, Ngahuia Williams, Michael Whittaker and Georgia Fowler – it was one huge, slickly-produced show.  With Rachel Churchward of Black Magazine styling, the lines between the two collections were pretty blurred, with Helen Cherry and Workshop working together on a fabulous cohesive show.  It was sophisticated with a touch of rock n roll.  The hair was again done by the Stephen Marr team led by Lauren Gunn and Matt Benns, while the M.A.C. team was led by Josie Wignall. The beautiful eyes were a standout with Boot Black Liquid Eyeliner. Dylan Cherry was the DJ for the night with a thumping soundtrack that provided just the right amount of rock n roll!


Photographs by Michelle Weir

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