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World should have a category all of it’s own when it comes to Fashion.  They do exactly what they want, and how they want to do it. Taking cues from international Couture shows, mixing it up with glam NY calendar events and throwing in their entirely personal spin on things, World are just World (especially last night).They are not kidding when they call themselves The Factory of Ideas and Experiments.  And the fashion industry are more the richer for them being a large part of it.  Last night at the Langham, they continued their tradition of doing things their way, with the glamorous evening of canapés, bubbly and more World clothing on and off the catwalk than you would possibly imagine. We loved the evening as much for the wonderful array of World being worn in the audience as we did for the World being worn on the catwalk. The World client is wide and varied with stunning grey-haired women done to the nines, men in impeccably designed but wild suits, through to the street-styled beauties in their short fitted dresses. And every conceivable combination in-between.  The thing that all these men and women share is confidence.  They have it in spades. Denise L’Estrange Corbet, Francis Hooper and Benny Castles are  “frightful self-proclaimed exhibitionists” as Denise mentioned when she opened World last night.  Instead of a long list of people to thank, they had a short video clip which was a wonderful tongue in cheek thank you to their sponsors as they quaffed wine (Man O’ War Wines), slapped on make up (Shiseido) and raced to the event in their new car (Nissan Juke).  All while calling Denise the Duchess.

Then we were treated to World Black Tie White Noise S/S 2012/13 all of which is/will be in store this summer.  Each place setting had a fabulous run sheet so you could mark off the items you liked to dash in-store and buy as soon as possible.  Designers showing at NZFW take note – that is how you do it.  Run sheets are handy!  We loved all the color and spectacle and especially the styling.  With skyscraper-high hair from Michael Beel from Bouy and ghd, make-up by James Leuii for Shiseido and glitter moustaches on the boys and glitter socks on the ladies, it was all gorgeous. The shoes were by Number One Shoes and we loved the pink and orange Montero Court. Standouts for us were the Random Signal Jean in bright pink, Millennial Shirt in Blue Leopard, and Edwardian Jacket.  At the end of the show, eight Couture garments where shown – all of which where stunning. We particularly loved the Duchess Skirt and Bustier, Regency Coat, Dress Circle Dress in yellow and the Aristocratic Dress that ended the show.  To the Duchess and Duke of New Zealand Fashion… long may you reign.

Millennial Shirt in Blue Leopard

Random Signal Jean

Regency Dress in White Floral

Regency Coat and Opera Skirt

Dress Circle Dress in yellow

Duchess Skirt, Duchess Bustier

Edwardian Jacket

Aristocratic Dress

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  1. Hiya,
    Just wondering if these are your pics or if you found them somewhere?
    I’m looking for pics for an article I’m writing, if they are yours, would you mind if I used them and credited? If they aren’t, would you mind letting me know where you found them please?

    • They are our own photos done by Michelle Weir. I will email you shortly 🙂

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