the vitrine – beautifully bruised

It still fascinates me that some people struggle with vintage.  Or at least they want vintage to be sparkly clean and undamaged.  For me, that is very much part of the beauty.  The bumps and kinks that the wear and tear of age (sounds a bit like me) brings – that is all part of it.  The Vitrine almost specialize in industrial salvage – finding old counters, work benches, cupboards, tables and chairs from all the forgotten nooks and crannys across Europe.  Originally bring containers mostly from France, they are now casting their net a lot wider and finding all sorts of wonderful pieces.  I love the juxtaposition of the old and battered with the modern and new.  There isn’t a better mix for me than an old table (or workbench) and new modern chairs.  Or visa versa for that matter – The Vitrine have some vintage Tolix chairs, as well as some Tubax chairs from Belgium that would work really well around a slick white modern table.

The Vitrine (Julien and Amanda – and new baby Claude) are very sensitive to the needs of their customers – and often leave most of the pieces in a fairly unfinished condition.  This leaves the option of the piece being taken as it is.  I did this with two old work benches that I cleaned up myself and had our Builder butt together and use them as a platform to make a bed for my nine-year-old.  Other clients might prefer to have the pieces cleaned and finished to a high standard – and this way each can make up their own mind as to what suits.  This particular container has a huge amount of lighting, 1950’s school posters, chairs and apothecary jars.  It is all going at a great rate – so get in there and have a look as soon as possible.  They are at 1A Grosvenor St, Grey Lynn. Or go on-line and check them out if you are outside of Auckland at

Circa 1950’s Hungarian Preserving Jars $130-150

English Dolly Bins $270

Vintage Pharmacy Bottles from Czech Republic $35-80

Circa 1950’s French School Education Posters $100 each

Cabinet from a French Factory @$2000

Vintage wire storage baskets from Germany $180 each

Circa 1900’s Cast Iron Urns from France $300-$400

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  1. Nice! We are so slack to not have visited your store yet but we’re really keen to some point soon x

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