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I love the Cuda Sisters.  I love their complete enthusiasm, and real joy about what they do. They adore all things bright, sparkly, sequined and feathered.  They have a wonderful costume-y (if there isn’t such a word, there should be just for them) style and you can’t help but love the fabulous styling and attention to detail.  The Cuda Sisters Girl is confident, girly and really doesn’t take herself too seriously. And she has a great big grin on her face.  Very much like the two ‘Sisters’ themselves – Meg Thompson and Mana Harkness.  Their love of all things theatrical was sparked and fed by Meg’s mother doing many of the costumes for the Santa Parade each year – and both girls over the years have played their part making that happen.

A year after releasing their first collection (read about it here on they are back with This Magic Moment.  And magic it most certainly was!  Held at the Basement Theatre in Auckland City it really was a full ‘theatrical’ performance with a cellist playing before the show. The show was neatly divided into 3 sections with the Cuda Sisters version of Gothic coming out first.  With sequined dresses with criminally short hemlines, and button backed detailing, as well as short gathered skirts and bodices – it was strong on look, and short on color (which for the Cuda Sisters is a bit strange).  We loved the tulle headdresses. There was a fabulous sequined black jacket that might have to come home with me…

The second section was much ‘sweeter’ and girlier with soft colors and lots of white.  The standout piece was a pretty white sequined cape with a hood.  The same design motifs came through with the gathered skirts, bodices and also a diamante detailing on the hem of some of the skirts and dresses. The dresses (and they were all pretty much were all dresses) had delicate headdresses made of twigs and feathers, and crowns made of wire and sequins.  Add huge flower headbands, and you get the picture.

The third section was where it all came together with eye popping color, texture and a whole heap of sequins and glitter.  We loved the black and emerald green high waisted capri pants.  But we thought the yellow maxi dress in silk that finished the show was a standout.  The purple ‘bustle’ detail was just fabulous!  Thank you Ladies for a Magic Moment…

With hair by Kokomo and make up by The Body Shop.

All photographs by the fabulous Michelle Weir of

Mana and Megs – The Cuda Sisters

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    • It will all be online shortly and I WILL be acquiring that jacket… magpie that I am!

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