nzfw 2017 – salasai

I got to speak with Kirsha Whitcher of Salasai before their show for NZFW2017

What season are you showing?

We are showing Autumn Winter 2018 Southern Hemisphere.- Our 10th year anniversary season !!

What is the collection called and what inspired you?

The collection is called ‘Human Kind’ – the heart of this collection is based on the chaos that is going on today in the world with segregation, immigration and the non acceptance of people in general worldwide, crazy politics and the negative influence on nations brought on by governments, religion and fanatics – I know sounds little deep but it is rampant today and this collection pays homage to accepting, being kind, loving those around us, finding beauty no matter what beliefs, religion, race or community you belong to, coming together in unity.

This is a big year for Salasai – ten years as a successful clothing/homewares brand – do you have a favourite show? Mine was definitely “Uncharted Territory” AW2011/12 in the amazing St Matthews in the City (still my favourite collection as well)

Our favourite show was AW2011 shown at the Hilton in the same space we are showing in this year, this is why we have come back to this venue to celebrate 10 years…We love the church show too but the Hilton show was just such a fantastic moment for our team…

Who did you work with on the show?

Our creative team are strong, Myself and Kelly Watson alongside Dan Ahwa who is styling the show, our creative team Redken – headed by Richard Kavanagh and Maccosmetics headed by Kiekie Stanners who are both masters in their fields – very blessed and excited to be working with all.
Hilton Auckland have been amazing adhering to our wants and needs for the week of NZFW and we showed the collection from the Hilton Auckland during the week.


Editors Notes

The tee with KIND said it all for the collection. The sentiment – that we need to be gentle to ourselves, but especially to one another in a time of turmoil and confusion – was a beautiful one. And so were the clothes… They were oversized, gentle, comfortable – supersized hats, tees, jackets, scarves and especially the huge cable jumper. I would have taken that home with me if I could have. There were audible sighs from people around me when that walked past us.

The prints as always were beautiful in black and white. They added camo, green lace, Khaki linens, virginal white broiderie anglaise.  But that jumper – just beautiful

The hats were amazing – find Mrs Herks Hats on instagram at @mrs_herks_hats

Photographs as always by the amazing Michelle Weir of Studio Weir

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