nzfw 2017 – lost and led astray

Sarah Jane Duff, Auckland based designer of Lost and Led Astray (LaLA), answers a few questions about her showing at NZFW

You are showing at NZFW this year as part of K Rd exhibition, what do you think makes K Rd such a creative environment?

For fashion week this year LaLa is part of a group show, as part of Krd presents for which were asked to make a video for the installation at fashion week.

I chose to look at the political side of my business, and with the help of some amazing friends we created a work with jiggly bodies. We all jiggle and its ok. All our bodies are different, and as a designer that’s what I love about the world. It’s the diversity of the world that I seek out in the world – and why I Love Krd.

You have a unique size range with your collections running from a size 12 to a 26 – why do you think you are one of the very few NZ based designers doing this?

As a fat women I 100% relate to my market. It’s a hard market to design and pattern make for as one size doesn’t fit all. I’ve now had 10 years experience in the niche market of plus size and from what I can gage the stigma around the stereotype of plus size stops many designers from breaking in to the market. There is also little understanding of how to create garments that fit different shaped bodies.

Do you have a favourite piece in this collection?

This collection I’ve got a few favorites, I’m in love with my pleated pant and my custom print kimono. I also made my foof skirt into a dress, and it’s so fun to wear.

You have worked in the past with fabric designers create fabrics unique to your collections, have you collaborated with anyone this season?

I love to do custom prints, its really nice to be able to offer a print that is exclusive and represents the essence of the collection. This year I worked with Jase Richards to create this seasons dreamy print.

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