nzfw 2017 – company of strangers

I got to have a few questions answered by the always positive Sara Aspinall of Company of Strangers before her show this year

What season are you showing?

AW18 Winter ‘Revenge’

Tell us about what inspired you with this collection?

Our collection began with a story we dreamed up about a woman who haunts her husband from the other side, she messes with him constantly so he can never forget her. It’s subtle, it’s as if she is leaving an impression on his clothing, attaching a piece of her scarf to his coat like a belt, she cuts up his business shirts and turns them into dresses. Slices through his tailored jackets, ghostly ink prints appear on the garments of hers she left behind. The palette is dark and moody yet there is a feminine vintage softness of apricots spiked with an acidic twist.

The inspiration for the story came from a series from Francesca Woodman who shot in Rhode Island in the late 1970’s, the imagery evoked the mood for the collection.

Who did you use on your soundtrack?

Our friend Charlotte Rust compiled the music, it’s a selection of awesome tracks from Lydia Lunch, Deap Vally, Findlay, The Kills, Sonic Youth,

What has been your favourite show at NZFW of yours?  I have such clear memories of “Libertine” in the underground carpark for NZFW 2013 – it was such a dynamic show!

My fav show was definitely the Libertine underground carpark show in 2013 too, it was so fun, and strong. I loved that, and it was our first offsite show.

Who did you work with on ‘Revenge”?

I am lucky to have such a great team of people we are lucky to work with- Lauren Gunn from Colleen and her amazing team did our hair and Kiekie Stanners from Mac, Charlotte Rust from Babelogue styled our show, she has such a great eye and she does it all with such ease. These girls are so talented its so much fun to watch them work.

Editors Notes

Love the nude satin print – especially the full length dress, the fabulous styling with the green blocked heels, ALL THE KNITWEAR (always so good) and also all the lace – green, brown and black. The standouts though were the pieces in black silk devoré. An oversized dress, tops and an amazing floor length wrap piece – I want it all!

Photographs by the very talented Michelle Weir of Studio Weir

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