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This year Zambesi kicked off NZFW with Mercedes-Benz Presents Zambesi with a beautifully produced show that should have been a finale – it was so brilliant. I think everything else is going to be working to compare…

Our national obsession with black is well known.  It is so celebrated that Doris De Pont curated an entire book about it for the Fashion Museum, aptly called “Black”. Zambesi collections have always been strongly grounded in it.

Imagine an entire Zambesi collection where black is the accent and not the pervading colour.  With silver, cinnamon browns, greys, bright Marigold yellow, as well as black – the collection was a colourful one… with beautiful patterns mixed in – burgundy oversized tartans, soft purple and yellow painterly prints, beautiful overblown digital prints on quilted fabrics. It all felt very familiar – Zambesi of old but all mixed in with a fresh hand and a brilliant edit.

The stand out pieces where the two Marigold wool suits. I had a phone call this morning to ask when I was going to post Michelle’s shots as she wanted to re gram it once I did. Every person I have spoken to today has waxed lyrical about these suits – they will be the standout pieces of the week.  My prediction and I am sticking to it! The oversized dress in the purple/yellow print with the collar detailing and the amazing polo necked twinset in Marigold. Perfection.

My favourite piece was near the end, in black of course – a sweat shirt with the words “Don’t Be Afraid” – the sentiment being just perfect for the general feeling of the creative community at present. The colour of the collection felt optimistic and dare I say it – joyful (in a Zambesi way). Such a brilliant start to the week.

Photographs by Michelle Weir from Studio Weir


Our national obsession with black is well known.

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    • It was such a great way to start NZFW this year. And set the bar high as well for everyone else.

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