nzfw 2016 – lela jacobs

As part of the AOK show at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016, Lela Jacobs showed a beautifully curated collection that I may want every single piece of. I got to talk with her before the show…

What season are you showing?


What is your collection called?

only U know

What would you say are your influences for this collection?

I have some exciting new fabrics im working with … Oil skins and NZ possum/merino/silk. Also I have worked with artist Catherine Griffiths for a screen print of words that are Quietly dispersed throughout the collection for the wearer “only U know”

One of my main objectives in the development of this collection was lifestyle focused … I have developed ideas that help the wearer commute from city live to bush life or beach life, and back with ease.

Obviously your ethical ethos of zero waste must inform how you design?

I’m really enjoying not only the environmental kindness of my zero waste projects, but also the restriction it offers me as a designer.

Would you consider yourself a Designer or a Maker?

Both… totally both! Designer, Maker and Breaker!

What are your favourite pieces from this collection?

The linen lined oilskin Parker and the possum/merino/silk dress.

Who inspires you here in New Zealand?

My friends … always my friends! Especially my new friend Catherine Griffiths … She is a what we should all aspire to as Makers!

Editors Note

*My favourite pieces were ANYTHING in the possum/merino knitwear – gloves, socks and coveted oversized jumpers in three lengths. And the washed organza…

And she also made what could be the most perfect oilskin Parker for those of us who love to layer up what we wear

I thought the soundtrack and the clothing were a perfect match – it created a dream-like quality that was just perfect with the palette of warm caramels, washed greys, winter whites and black.

Lela Jacobs has been described by LIFE (The Australian) as having “flitted between dark and raw and earthily ethereal” which I thought it was a perfectly fitting description

Photographs by Michelle Weir of Studio Weir


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