marr factory 2015 – zambesi

I would love to pretend that I was actually at this show, but to be honest I was in a plane somewhere between Auckland and London at the time.  Luckily Michelle was there with her trusty camera and I got to see the shots once I landed.  It didn’t help – in fact it only made it worse as I just LOVE this collection.  I have ordered quite a few pieces from this collection, and feel I will probably need to sell one of the children if I am to get all the pieces my little heart desires (read – I won’t be getting them all).

With a nod to the 80’s with the iconic Zambesi eye that many of us remember, but for most will be new – lots of satin and beading (my most favourite Zambesi themes) – there is much for us to love. There are far too many bomber jackets to choose from, long satin coats, short tailored jackets in navy satin, pants and short dresses with a fabulous train detailing (must sell one of the children…), stunning summer coats, touches of deep wine red and enough beading detailing to put me in a complete spin.

Photographs (as always) by the talented Michelle Weir

The collection is now in store and online

Marr-Zambesi-1 Marr-Zambesi-2 Marr-Zambesi-3 Marr-Zambesi-4 Marr-Zambesi-5 Marr-Zambesi-6 Marr-Zambesi-7 Marr-Zambesi-8 Marr-Zambesi-10 Marr-Zambesi-11 Marr-Zambesi-12 Marr-Zambesi-13 Marr-Zambesi-15 Marr-Zambesi-16 Marr-Zambesi-17 Marr-Zambesi-18 Marr-Zambesi-19 Marr-Zambesi-20


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