ghd aura

I am not easily impressed with electrical appliances. Generally a hairdryer is a hairdryer- right? They all do pretty much the same thing – blast out hot hair and dry my hair. One of my super powers is getting ready quickly.  My husband has named this quality as one of the reasons we have managed to stay married for so long. I don’t like fuss in the morning and stick to an easy, quick routine only distracted occasionally by my children. Short hair is quick to dry and style. No fuss. No bother. Ready to go.

So when I was at the launch of the ghd aura, I wasn’t really that impressed.  A hair dyer is just a hairdryer?! Sure it has a new Laminair technology which supposedly delivers an even stream of air, the speed and temperature is so perfect (so they say) as to leave my hair shiny and its patented Cool-Wall technology creates a ring of cool air around the hot air (hard to visualize I know) keeping the casing and nozzle cool to the touch. It is supposed to have a quieter, lighter and smaller motor. I smiled and listened as Sara Allsop (New Zealand and Australian Hairdresser of the Year) talked about how great it was and how much she enjoyed using it. And I still kept thinking – Its just a hairdryer right?

And then the very nice people at ghd gave me an aura to take home and try. And it was then that I got rather a bit more impressed. I have been using it for the last few months and the thing I have noticed is that I don’t use or even need conditioner any more.  For most of us that dry or style our hair every day (in my case every second day), needing a conditioner at the very least, and the use of conditioning treatments seem to be a standard requirement. I haven’t used it since I started using the ghd aura.  I seem to use the dryer for a shorter period of time, so my routine is quicker. I don’t burn my fingers or my scalp accidentally if I am not concentrating. I don’t need my huge defuser jammed on the end of my dryer anymore as the nozzle on the aura does it for me. My hair looks shiner. Without conditioner.  You have to love that. And I have realized that maybe this isn’t JUST a hairdryer after all.

The ghd Aura retails for $300 and you can now find stockists and buy online here



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