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Dynasty conjures up images of the 80’s with wide shoulder pads, big hair and far too much lip gloss for me.  But for Meadowlark it means taking the idea of 90’s piercing jewellery and putting a “luxe, grown-up twist on it using silver, gold and diamonds.” says Meadowlark designer and co-founder Claire Hammon.

Headpieces, nose chains, septum and lip rings that are cast in precious metals – and intricately etched and studded with beautiful stones. This brand has moved firmly into the realms of cult status with Rhianna being photographed on the cover of W magazine wearing the Thorn Septum Ring from this collection. The brand continues to do things entirely their own way and is now achieving some major press, worldwide. I love that they have done this without subverting themselves – sticking to their aesthetic. It has been fascinating for someone like me who hardly wears jewellery to realise how much I covet what they do. Their’s is the first collection I have bought in nearly 15 years.  And I can’t see that newly-discovered addiction stopping anytime soon…

“My favorite piece is the Thorn Necklace – I love how huge it is, I like jewellery to be big and bold and strong. I do also love the septum pieces especially the black diamond septum ring – it’s small but bold in it’s own way. It takes some guts to wear facial piercings. As well as the bigger pieces, there are also some more understated designs we see as becoming classics – on the whole though Dynasty is designed for impact, it’s definitely a collection for the brave,” Hammon says.

The standout pieces are the Septum Ring, the delicate Lip Ring, Thorn Ring, Etched Spear Earrings, Hex Cocktail (I LOVE this) and the Large Thorn Hoop Earring. The earring can be bought separately or as a pair depending on how you wish to wear them. The brand continues Meadowlark can be found at Walker and Hall or online here.



diamond lip ring

Diamond Lip Ring

Etched Spear Earrings

Etched Spear Earrings

hex cocktail 1

Hex Cocktail Ring

Large Thorn Hoop

Small thorn septum ring silver

Small Thorn Septum Ring in Silver

Thorn Ring top

Thorn Ring


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