zambesi – press day ss2014

I would be telling enormous lies if I said anything other than press days at Zambesi are a major highlight of my year. I am always deeply intrigued to see where they will go with each season, knowing that they design with a larger “ongoing season” mentality. The seasons themselves are not as important as the overall arc of the brand. ¬†I do so love it when they design with a heavy hat tip to the past and the enormous archive they have at their fingertips. But basically as soon as they touch those signature notes of silk georgette, satin, sequins and beading, I am in heaven. So this collection is a “signature collection” for me anyway. With oversized bomber jackets, daisy designs, zodiac prints, dresses, dresses and more dresses. Oh and more of the beautifully tailored Knife pants but ankle grazing this time, and in satin. And some loosely tailored jackets – one oversized, another with three quarter sleeves and in, of course, black.

The tableau that Zambesi set was, quite literally, a fashion feast with models dressed and draped over each other. With Jordan Rondel both modeling and supplying the beautiful cakes at the centre of the Kartell table.I spent far too much time looking through the racks of clothes they had set up for us to browse and nearly missed all the tableau fun. For me, Zambesi is the go-to label for winter with all their moody layers, but this summer it is going to be exceptionally hard to keep me out of the place. Instore August/September.

photographs by Marissa Findlay










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