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I got to chat to  MAAIKE designers Emilie Pullar and Abby Van Schreven recently about their Manic Episode W2014 collection which has just come in store… Your prints are now becoming a strong theme in your collections, what was the inspiration for the four featured this season?

Our custom fabrics are the very first thing we design (in collaboration with our AMAZING graphic designer Jess Moore) It’s what drives the direction of the whole collection. For this season we were super inspired by photographs of Clifton Firth who was a NZ photographer in the 30’s. In our opinion he was super ahead of his time and his photos are a mixture of crazy images overlaid into one print. We loved this collage kind of idea so collated a whole heaps of random and sometimes bizarre images and turned it into the Manic print. The Smoke print silk was made to be a more wearable and not so intense version. We always have to have a graphic knitwear fabric to contrast so we did the lightning bolt knit. The custom fabrics are very limited edition – once they are gone that’s it so make sure you snap one up.
Do you have different roles when designing a new collection? Or is it different with each season?
Although we dress slightly differently we really do have the same aesthetic (black head to toe with nothing clinging!) We design separately to some degree but it’s definitely a collaboration getting it to the final version. I know that if I make something Abby is going to like it and vice versa – we are so lucky in that respect.
What are your favourite pieces that will be going in your own wardrobes from Manic?
Emilie – the Hypomania dress in the manic print. It’s something that makes me smile everytime I open my wardrobe
Abby – the Maniac Dress. It’s one of those pieces you can just throw on and it does the work for you – a beautiful draped side and asymmetric hem gives it great detail without any hassle.
Who do you design Maaike for?
Ultimately we are designing clothes that we personally love but that seems to translate to a very wide audience. Mothers and daughters can wear our brand but in the way the collections are put together you can make it look totally different to suit each person. Layered up with silk tails draping everywhere or paired back to a single dress
Interesting that they should mention Mother/Daughter combinations because both Madeliene and I love MAAIKE. I have bought the Hypomania Dress in the Manic Print and the Psych Pant and Hypomania Dress in the Manic print and Madeleine will be wearing the Analyse Tee in Bolt, and the Lightening Bolt Beanie.
We have a scarf of the Smoke Print to give away – and you cannot buy these scarves either. So comment below or like AND comment on our Instagram or Facebook to be in the draw… winner drawn Wednesday 19 March
Manic Episode is in store now at MAAIKE & CO in St Kevin’s Arcade, and online here.
1 D055 Hypomania Dress
3  D055Hypomania Dress
4  T069A Hypomania Top P016 Psych Pant
6 D039 Tronada Dress
12 D052 Polyester Castaway Dress
14 D052A Silk Castaway Dress
18 T105 Perception Shirt
21 T105 Perception Shirt J020 Isolation Jacket
25 T096 Insanity Jumper P016 Psych Pant
30 D056 Dust Dress A007 Snood T087A Episode Vest
37 D054 Disconnect Dress
41 D056 Dust Dress
45 T010 Analyze Tee Low Neck P018 Bolt Leggings T087 Episode Vest
51 D049A Haze Dress
74 T102 Flash Jumper A012 Lightning Scarf P016 Psych pant A011 Lightning beanie

10 Comments on “maaike – manic episode w2014

  1. Best fashion mantra ever – “head to toe black and not clingy!”.
    PS I adore that scarf!!!
    PPS I am a scarf queen 🙂 x

  2. Beautiful, mesmerizing print. Would love to wear this scarf when interviewing mental health consumers at work — it would be a conversation starter for sure!

  3. Stunning collection & I LOVE that scarf! My wardrobe needs it in it!!!!

  4. Stunning prints!!! Very talented designers – Would love to own a Maaike piece xx

  5. These girls have worked so hard to get to where they are and it shows in their amazing creations! I would be proud to rock this scarf! x

  6. Love Maaike’s clothes – especially as a guy. Always serving NZ realness 🙂 p.s. that scarf would make my life!

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