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So we are continuing in our series of stores we would like to live in, and Deadly Ponies has to be head of my list at present. Having taken over a space upstairs at Flotsam and Jetsam last year, Deadly Ponies have opened their first guerilla store. I could, of course live in Flotsam & Jetsam too with their collection of fabulous vintage finds.

I love that the space has just been left in a fairly ramshackle state, with Deadly Ponies only adding a coat of paint to the space to make it their own. But what a coat of paint! With a simple white on the unusually high stud, it is the floor that packs the punch. Painted in Dulux Twilight Zone, it has maximum effect without messing with the palette of the bags themselves that are displayed on the walls. Seriously, what is not to love about the simple but dynamic use of colour. If I was giving colour awards for store fit outs, Deadly Ponies would most definitely win.

With some beautiful colour use on the bags themselves this coming winter is looking mighty gorgeous.  I love the deep purples and tans, and the cobalt blue. The Angora in cream is quite amazing with all its crazy texture. There will also be a new release in May called Red Giants which will feature a backpack – Mr Chainmail Backpack which will come in Henna red as well as the ever standard black. I particularly love the cobalt blue version of the Mr Siamese Fur. So watch out for that… Go to DEADLY PONIES to see exactly what they are up to, or go browse in store at Deadly Ponies Guerrilla Store, 86 Ponsonby Road Grey Lynn to check out their customization service and one-off pieces.



Mr Angora Clutch

Mr Chain Gang iodine


Mr Caiman clay down

Mr Cub Fur Nebular dark

Mr Chain Mail rust



Mr Chainmail Backpack – Red Giant Collection


Red Giant Collection


Red Giant Collection


Mr Siamese Fur Red Giant Collection

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