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I am not a woman who wears much jewellery.  I have always gone for the understated when it comes to adornments.  I have one large silver dinosaur design ring that I have been wearing for the last 13 years. And an engagement ring that I have been wearing for over twenty years.  I am so blase about jewellery that I have actually mislaid my wedding band, and haven’t had one for the last four years.  I hadn’t missed it or even thought of replacing it until I got to see what could simply be my most favourite collection of jewellery ever.

Meadowlark’s “Ritual” is a beautiful step into their dark romantic version of ceremony and celebration. If I could have known what I wanted all those years ago as my engagement ring, then it would have been something from this collection.  Building on familiar themes for Meadowlark, the protea and the crystal, the starburst and the skull, there is also a fineness, timeless – almost an Art Deco sensibility to many of the pieces. These are pieces that are perfect for a wedding, a commitment, a birth, a gift but also pieces you can buy for yourself. The concept behind Ritual is that the rings will represent whatever the giver or the wearer wishes them to.

So, I wish to reset my own white diamond from my engagement ring into the Hex Engagement Ring with its border of black diamonds. And I wish to replace my lost wedding band with the Fine Geometric Bands in Flat/Arc/Point.  I have never wanted pieces as much as I want those four.  And it will the perfect way to celebrate 22 years together. And you can bet they will never be replaced again…

Ritual is now online at Meadowlark. You can follow them on their amazing Instagram feed as well – they have some beautifully curated images.

Photographs by Michelle Weir
















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