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I love a bit of leopard print. I know this is hard to believe but in amongst my sea of black, I have several pieces of leopard print that I just keep bringing out every now and then for a rare variation on my (black) theme.I also have an old wingback chair that is covered in a leopard print velvet. I have had it for 15 years and it still just fits wherever I put it. It seems I am not the only one who loves a bit of animal print and as long as we don’t let it get too fusty (don’t add gold chandeliers or shag pile carpets), a bit of animal print can add to an interior scheme nicely.


I guess while we are talking about interior schemes we should look at the new wallpapers from The Warehouse.  Yes, The Warehouse are doing wallpapers. And I love the animal print one. If my house wasnt newly finished, I would find some excuse to use this wallpaper SOMEWHERE.  I like the idea of lining a wardrobe with it, or even papering a small powder room in it (that is a nice way of saying a small loo). And at $29 a roll it certainly wont break the bank. I wonder if the Husband would let me paper the garden shed in it? * Please note, I have just painted the interior of the garage a very glamorous shade of warm white from Porters Paints called Old Church White and stained all the beams black. And I let me Husband buy tool for the garage that came in a fire engine red storage case in powder coated steel, so when I say I want to wallpaper the garden shed, I am actually pretty serious…

Linen House Brasilia Duvet Cover Set Queen $39.99-$169.99

I also love a shot of leopard print in interiors and this pillow is part of the Linen House Brasilia Set from Farmers.  At just $39 it is a little shot of kitsch that has become a classic (if used properly).  I draw the line at a leopard print polar fleece duvet cover…


My collection of Converse Chuck Taylor Hi Tops is steadily growing. Having bought a pair of Company of Strangers/Philip James Glass collab Converse already this year, and Marimekko ones coming soon. I may also need to acquire these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Animal Print $120 ones. I just love them.  With an all black ensemble they have a bit of fun about them, and to me, leopard print is just a bit of an all round classic.

Animal Print Long Knit Cardi KC19064ANI

Glassons have the perfect cardigan for the upcoming weird pre-summer weather. One minute it is warm and sunny, the next it is wet and freezing.  This cardigan is just right for throwing over things (especially an all black ensemble) but has alot of this summers must-have-colour, white. It is in store now and retails for $59 from Glassons

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 12.39.20 PM

If you can’t venture too far from your all black palette, never fear, this Benah Pouch Wallet from Simon James is just for you.  If you are needing a smaller wallet/makeup case then the small at $128 will do the trick.  If a clutch is what you are needing, then the larger at $178 will fit nicely. I think the large is currently sold out, but check with them just in case.

twentysevennames cats

Twenty Seven Names and Onceit collaborated recently for a one day sale of these cute wee socks they designed.  All proceeds went to the SPCA. You gotta love that.

Cat Paw Cocktail Ring-1

I am obsessing over jewellery at the moment. I feel I may need a new ring of some description, and this Meadowlark Cat Paw Ring retailing for $495 keeps calling me. Sigh. Surely Christmas is on its way? You can find more Meadowlark goodness here



Stolen Girlfriends Club collection Nasty Goreng features a specially designed animal print (you need to look close to see the SGC initials) in a variety of colours. In red and also in turquoise and this seasons ubiquitous white, we love the Utility Bomber (everyone needs a bomber jacket right?) and the Stolen Scarf.  You can buy both from SGC stockists or on-line here.


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