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Take one concrete underground carpark, add ten incredibly talents designers, ten photographers and then shake them up with silver foil – and you get one of the definite highlights from New Zealand Fashion Week 2013. A collaboration with Alwayssometimesanytime The whole space just oozed with creativity and for me, was just a amazing reminder for me (and all of us there) how much magic is coming up through the ranks at the moment. With Miss Crabb, Thistle Brown, Jessica Grubisa, Eugenie, Maaike, KOWTOW, Underground Sundae, Otsu, Jimmy D and Blue Blank, with garments, accessories and knitwear covered. With ten photographers also showing their shots of each of the designers clothing – it really was a complete visual feast.

And whatever you do – dont ask me to pick the ones I loved the most – as I loved all of them (and some of my absolute favourite designers were in the room).  I loved that we were treated to something different than a runway show.  Something different from an entire collection shown nearly six months before it goes into store, but rather given just a hint of what is to come – a taster as it were. It had a fantastic vibe with people milling through the  the installations, taking photographs (and just about getting into the installations), talking with the designers and generally having a wonderful time. I got the feeling that nobody really wanted to leave.

I especially loved watching my sixteen year old walking through it all – just to see her right in the middle of all that creativity (and colour, and glitter, and promise) made me exceptionally happy. This (fashion) thing shouldn’t be only about those that are already established , but those who will be.

The photographer and designer combinations were…

Adam Custins x Thistle Brown
Alexander Schipper x Jimmy D
Dan Betham x Otsu
Frances Carter x Maaike
Karen Inderbitzen-Waller x Eugenie
Lea Mackillop x Jessica Grubisa
Lula Chucchiara x Kowtow
Mara Sommer x Blue Blank
Natasha Cantwell x Underground Sundae
Oliver Rose x Miss Crabb

Installation photographs by Michelle Weir


Jimmy D


Miss Crabb




Underground Sundae




Thistle Brown




Blue Blank




Jessica Grubisa









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  1. Yes, oh yes! I loved how this show was such a surprise! Such a transformation from an underground carpark to a runway show the day before and then to a maze of individual, eclectic spaces – it was just genius and a refreshing change to the week’s events. Hoping to see a repeat!!!

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