cuda sisters – fly me to the moon

I love any show the Cuda Sisters do. I love them because they don’t take this whole ‘fashion’ thing too seriously and just make clothes that make them, (and the people who love their clothes) happy. And there is more than a little theatricality to what they do.  The Cuda Sisters are Mana Harnett and Meg Thompson, and last week saw us at Golden Dawn: Tavern of Power, in Ponsonby to see their new summer collection. It was slightly ironic that it was POURING with rain at the outside area of the venue but nobody seemed to mind, they were having too much fun!

With florals featuring strongly, as did a 40’s vibe and high waisted was the style with capris, shorts and bikinis.  The crab fabric is their first foray into designing fabrics for their own collection – the image always featured strongly in their past collections with large stuffed crab head pieces and artwork with the images used. With their  headwear this time adding colour upon colour it was an incredibly happy collection.  You only have to meet the girls themselves to get that feel – they are always upbeat. So kick a show off with a blue-painted belly dancer, throw brilliant brilliant clothes down the chalk drawn runway and finish with a gorgeous young man on a lead (by a girl in the aforementioned red crab dress) covered in green reptilian-looking body paint – and you most definitely have a Cuda Sisters night!  They are well known for their Cuda Sisters themed nights at Golden Dawn where costumes, fun and a bit of alcohol combine to make sure everyone has a great night. In fact, I was told by those in the know, that their nights at Gold Dawn are ‘legendary’. Follow them on Facebook to see when there next event is, they even get down to Wellington every now and then…

Their clothes will be available on-line on their website for pre-order from 1st September. The clothes in this collection definitely have a more sophisicated feel to them – not a single scrap of glitter was present (as in past years) and they do make simply splendid high-waisted pants. And they really know how to have fun.













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