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Even though it may feel a bit late in the season to be bringing out a winter collection, there are very few pieces that could be construed as ‘winter’ in this sweet little collection. With many of the pieces trans-seasonal, thinking this is a summer collection, with all its colour, would be an easy assumption to make. With bright fuchsias, reds and turquoise, it is hard to suppress a smile when you walk into Celine Rita’s little space that doubles both as a workroom and a showroom/shop.  It is a great bit of symmetry to see both the making and the made. Adding shoes by Kathryn Wilson to the mix is a stroke of good planning, so you can walk out with a complete outfit. The little shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday and at present you will find it full of pretty little dresses – the red lace and fuchsia crossover dress is particularly lovely. But the standout is the eye-catching teal leopard print fabric in dresses, pants and especially a single-buttoned jacket with a leopard print button detail. This could be worn with tee-shirt jeans and DMs/ballet flats, or a prim little dress and spiky heeled boots.

The shop is a lot like designer Celine Chapman (the Rita comes from her Grandmother who was a master seamstress) herself – very charming. And you will get to meet her when you come and see her sweet little store.  If you are lucky, you will get to meet the charming Flo as well. Celine Rita can be found at 136B Newton Rd (entrance on St Benedicts St) Eden Terrace Auckland 1010. You can also find her current collection online.

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2 Comments on “celine rita – comme ci comme ça

  1. Love the teal and gold leopard print! Never thought I’d be a leopard print girl, but that is lovely! And the orange shoes…*sigh*. Thanks for the mid-winter cheer-up! Love your site..:-)

    • You will be seeing more coloured leopard prints for summer! The Daughter is particularly taken with the Leopard Print too. I have to say, I have always had a soft spot for it…And thanks for the kind words…:)

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