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It was just over a year ago that I had my first encounter with MisteR at the 2011 NZFW. Their debut with the collection ‘Not So Grimm’, resulted in a standing ovation and I quickly realized from the photographer’s pit that I was witnessing something quite rare and special. Shortly after and still on a high from Fashion Week, I purchased a MisteR men’s shirt for my husband who with a tall but slender frame, is particularly fussy about the fit and even more so about the detailing. The yellow buttoned, check shirt was a hit and clearly more than one would be needed.

In December, MisteR revealed their upcoming AW13 range, Dynamic Duo; a collection inspired by the fashion needs of a superhero – a ‘killer outfit to add to your style mystique’. The cliché cape and Lycra is nowhere to be found, instead replaced by beautifully tailored men’s and women’s woolen coats and have introduced a new jewellery and footwear collection to boot.

If we’re talking Superheroes, attention to detail is paramount. MisteR’s own Dynamic Duo has tirelessly threaded their own hand-printed monogram throughout the collection; their scissor emblem featuring on the garments right through to the jewellery and sneakers. Even the delicious Vanilla Coco Cupcakes served suggested a superhero fight had just taken place. Unlike the average Superhero attire, MisteR uses only natural fibers for those precariously balancing a double life, and all their garments are made in NZ.

I enjoy the feminine, preppy tailoring with a cheeky twist that Mickey brings to the duo, but this is also balanced by an almost androgynous quirkiness. Shirts are buttoned right to the neck, but the waists are nipped just in the right place for curves to rival Wonder Woman’s. Their signature reversible blazer, Mystique, is back and perfect if you need to change your look in a hurry.

This is a collection with both men and women in mind; so you can both don the Phoenix sweater and Cherry-X shirts. Hello, Dynamic Duo.



Beautifully detailed MisteR sterling silver brooch $160


Loved this 100% wool Nightcrawler Coat


This was our favourite piece in the collection, the Archangel Dress in waxed cotton


The Xavier Jacket in 100% wool


Perfectly matched cup cakes from Vanilla Coco


Lovely detailing of the models on the day


The Storm Dress was another favourite on the day and the unisex Pheonix Sweater


MisteR haberdashery


MisteR’s Ra and Mickey with models on the day


The full range of MisteR jewelry with their signature bow ties

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