zambesi aw2013 – media day

I don’t often like to write too ahead of myself season-wise. We are just getting into the warmer weather, and a time when we actually feel like wearing summer clothes, and I already have my head into AW2013. Most designers have already finished and are thinking about SS2013-14 and even further ahead than that! But Zambesi is the label that most personifies my own sense of style, and I just look forward to the release of every new collection.  This one though is particularly special. When I very luckily got to see this collection at NZFW2012 I was just so blown away by the show, the styling and the clothes.  It felt to me like a quintessential Zambesi collection – and those are always the ones that I love. Or to be more specific, those are the collections I dearly want to own. And this particular collection I want to own just about everything.  With the light layering, with the dresses over pants (which I have never stopped wearing), boots, loafers, beautiful coats and most of all the fabrics that I just loved – there was/is just so much to choose from.  So this far out from Winter (my favorite season), I am just going to show you my favourite pieces from the day.  I know,of course, that once I have more time to think about the collection there will be other pieces, but for now these are the seven I love.

The Cigarette Pants in Gold Dust will most certainly convert me to colour.  Having not worn any of it for a great many years – it is an easy habit to get into.  These pants have converted me.  The Apex Mini in Silver in a Zambesi piece that reminds me how much the magic is in the cut.  On a hanger this doesn’t look very special – but on a body with all its panelling and detail – it is a fabulous, flattering piece. The Bloomers in Tartan with their sequin detail – well they have sequins on them which is good enough for me!  The Wrap Dress in Molecule can be worn either way, with a v-necked front or a round high neck with a v-backed detail.  The fabric is gorgeous.  I am always all about texture. The V Necked Dress is another piece that may not be special on a hanger, but I can tell you will have a real ease about it, and look amazing on. The Tunic in Groove (striped velvet) will be a great practical piece that will go over pants, dresses,or skirts to add an extra layer of detail (and be very useful when hiding bits we would like hidden). The Apron in Fringe is a show-stopper. You have to see the detailing of the fringing on the georgette silk… it is beautiful.

It isn’t even summer, and already I am wishing it was winter…

Cigarette Pant in Gold Dust

Bloomers in Black Watch Tartan

Wrap Dress in Molecule

Tunic in Groove

V Necked Dress

Apron in Fringe

Apex Mini

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