the marr factory – nom*d

Each night at Golden Dawn has brought a completely different feel for each different label.  The crowd for Nom*D were generally low-key and dark in aesthetic – lots of vintage, Doc Martens and, of course, Nom*D and Zambesi. Nom*d have consistently done their own thing.  They are not swayed by international trends, or even local ones for that matter. And tonight they continued this trend. With the place packed to the proverbial rafters, we were lucky to even have a runway.  But we did – and a lot of people got a good look at the Karen Inderbitzen-Waller-styled ‘A Raven’s Tale’.  With the highlight of the show the vintage scarf print, there was also red, clay and a gorgeous check to keep us inspired.  DM’s were the only shoe of choice on the runway in cherry. The Stephen Marr team were led by Lauren Gunn and Sky Jackson with the hair that carried through from the 12/13 print campaign for ‘A Raven’s Tale’.  The makeup was done by an Amber D-led team from M.A.C. with beautiful large smokey eyes in Embark and Nehru eyeshadows. It was definitely all about the eyes.The entire range, if not already in store, soon will be. The range is also available online at

Vimeo by Ralph Matthews

Photographs by Michelle Weir

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